Virtually every modern engine in automobiles and also light advertisement cars features a digital command unit (or ECU for short), additionally called an engine management computer system. This specialised as well as intricate system has a number of computer system chips as well as essentially controls the operating of the engine. It is connected to different sensors that find standard aspects such as temperature (both in the engine and also externally), speed and exhaust gas make-up. In much more sophisticated units, that are coming to be significantly common, several various other disorders are thought about. The ECU then handlings numerous engine features, mainly gas injection, ignition timing and also increase stress if a turbocharger is matched. The aim is undoubtedly to make sure smooth operating, ideal gas intake and also performance, as well as marginal exhaust gas exhausts.

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This is all governed by one main chip, which includes exactly what is referred to as an engine 'map'. This map 'reads' all the inputs from sensing units as well as is programmed to provide the ideal settings under a variety of situations. Nonetheless, excellence is impossible to attain typically, as a number of concessions need to be made. Mostly this is due to economic climates of scale. Producers need to make motor vehicles for a wide stove of markets where issues such as fuel top quality can have an effect. As many motor vehicles made use of in Europe may be driven right into neighbouring countrysides with poorer energies readily available, or will be utilized in severe settings where dirt and also extreme elevations prevail, the engine administration map is a 'wide brush' strategy to take all this into factor to consider.